Awards Committee

Each year AFCC presents a number of awards to members of the association and professional community based on a predetermined selection criteria.  More Information

Chapter Committee

The AFCC Chapter Committee reviews and assesses the organizational formation of AFCC chapters and their relationship to the parent organization. More Information

Conference Committee

The Conference Committee oversees the AFCC annual and fall conferences. More Information

Continuing Education Committee

AFCC is approved by the American Psychological Association to provide continuing education for psychologists. More Information

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

The DE&I Committee is charged with examining how AFCC responds to matters related to DE&I. More Information

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee oversees and monitors the fiscal operations of the organization as dictated by the AFCC By-Laws. More Information

Human Resources Committee

The Human Resources committee is charged with the oversight of the operating procedures for AFCC employees and contractors. More Information

International Committee

The International Committee is charged with assisting AFCC with international membership and reaching out to our international members. More Information

Nominating Committee

AFCC leadership is vital to the infrastructure of the organization.  Cultivating leadership and recruiting members on to the board is necessary to the growth and viability of the organization.  More Information

Policy and Bylaws Committee

The Policy Committee makes recommendations to the AFCC Board of Directors concerning whether AFCC should become involved or take positions on matters of public policy. More Information

Professional Development Committee

The Committee is appointed to work with AFCC leadership to develop professional development opportunities for AFCC members. More Information

Scholarship Committee

The AFCC Resource Development Committee supports the growth and development of AFCC to increase its capacity to help professionals who work with families in conflict. More Information

Webinar Committee

The AFCC Webinar Committee oversees development and programming of AFCC Webinars. More Information