Parenting Plan Information

Parenting Plan Guide

AFCC Ontario Chapter (2020)

Parenting Plan Template

AFCC Ontario Chapter (2020)

Child-Focused Parenting Time Guide

Minnesota State Court Administrator’s
Advisory Committee on Child-Focused Parenting Time (2019)

Planning for Parenting Time

Arizona's Guide for Parents Living Apart
Arizona Supreme Court (2009)

Planning for Shared Parenting (PDF)

AFCC Massachusetts Chapter
Reports and Resources

Substance Use and Parenting: Best Practices for Family Court Practitioners AFCC

Massachusetts Chapter (2021)

Resolution Systems Institute (RSI) Guide to Court ADR Program Success

Modern Families, Modern Family Justice

St. George's House Consultation in partnership with Relate and the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (2018)

AzAFCC 2014 - 2017 Summit Project: Child Sexual Abuse

A Practical Guide for Attorneys Opposing Self-Represented Litigants in Family Court (PDF)

Annette T. Burns (2017)

Working With Pro-Se Litigants: A Guide for Family Court Bench Officers (PDF)

Hon. Mark Juhas (2017)

A Guide for Family Mediators: Working with Self- Represented Litigants (PDF)

Andrea Clark and Kelly Browe Olson (2017)

Unbundling Legal Services: Guide for Non-legal Professionals (PDF)

Stacey E. Platt and Peter Salem (2015)

Unbundling Legal Services: A Guide for Lawyers (PDF)

Hon. Janice B. Davidson (2015)

Unbundling Legal Services: A Tool Kit for Court Leadership (PDF)

Hon. Janice B. Davidson (2015)

The Family Law Bar: Stewards of the System, Leaders of Change

Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System (2016)

Cases Without Counsel: Research of Experiences of Self-Representation in U.S. Family Court

Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System (2016)

Practice Guides for Family Court Decision-Making in Domestic Abuse-Related Child Custody Matters

Battered Women’s Justice Project (2015)

Unbundling Legal Services: Options for Clients, Courts and Counsel

AFCC and The Institute for Advancement of American Legal System (2015)

Ask the Experts from the AFCC eNEWS: Guidance from Leading Family Law Professionals (PDF)

Edited by Andrea Clark and Larry V. Swall (2015)

The Modern Family Court Judge-Knowledge, Qualities and Skills for Success (PDF)

Institute for the Advancement of American Legal System (2014)
Innovations Books

Innovations for Self-Represented Litigants

Edited by Bonnie Rose Hough and Pamela Cardullo Ortiz

Innovations in Court Services

Edited by Cori K. Erickson

Innovations in Family Law Practice

Edited by Kelly Browe Olson and Nancy Ver Steegh

Innovations in Interventions with High Conflict Families

Edited by Linda B. Fieldstone and Christine A. Coates

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