Nominating Committee

AFCC leadership is vital to the infrastructure of the organization.  Cultivating leadership and recruiting members on to the board is necessary to the growth and viability of the organization.  The Nominating Committee is charged with: 

  • Solicitation for nominations to the Board of Directors
  • Solicitation among Board of Directors for nominations as Officers
  • Meeting with committee members and chairs and general membership to encourage leadership and identify potential leaders
  • Recruiting, screening, and placing in nomination a slate to fill Board vacancies and a slate of recommendations for Officer
  • Assisting the President, Officers and Board of Directors in succession planning
  • Such other duties as the board from time to time directs.

Committee Members

Hon. Linda Fidnick (Ret.) Chair
Annette Burns, JD
Robin Deutsch, PhD
Matthew Sullivan, PhD
Hon. Herman G. Walker, Jr.