Edited by Linda B. Fieldstone and Christine A. Coates

This volume presents six very distinct approaches in working with high conflict families, and provides the reader with opportunities for adoption, replication or creative expansion of the models featured.  With six chapters (225 pp.), this is a must-read for every professional who works with high conflict, alienation, domestic abuse and child custody disputes.

Chapter 1

High Conflict, Domestic Abuse or Alienating Behavior: How do you know?
by Nancy Williams Olesen and Leslie Drozd

Appendix 1:
Domestic Violence Child Custody Protocol (PDF)

Appendix 2:
Alienation Child Custody Questionnaire (PDF)

Chapter 2

Children and Absent Parents: A Model for Reconnection
by Rhonda Freeman

There are no appendices for this chapter.

Chapter 3

A High Conflict Divorce Education Program: After the Storm: Surviving High Conflict Divorce
by James C. Billings, Gary L. Robbins and Donald A. Gordon

Appendix A:
After the Storm Intake Form (PDF)

Appendix B:
After the Storm Phone Screening (PDF)

Chapter 4

Bringing Co-Parent Counseling Services to High-Conflict Low-Income Families
by Jeffrey Zimmerman and Elizabeth S. Thayer

Appendices A-G (PDF):
      A: Intake form
      B: Appointment form
      C: Client record
      D: Client information, release and privacy forms
      E: Fee schedule
      F: Exchange of information form
      G: Focus on K.I.D.S. program description forms

Appendices H-L (PDF):
      H: Meeting review examples
      I: Parent follow-up survey
      J: PEACE Program follow-up survey
      K: PEACE Program executive summary
      L: Letter of understanding/agreement

Chapter 5

Mental Health Consultation in Child Custody Cases
by Elena Hobbs-Minor and Matthew J. Sullivan

Appendix 1:
Consultant Agreement and Fee Policies Fee Policies (PDF)

Appendix 2:
Statement of Understanding and Fee Agreement (PDF)

Chapter 6

Parenting Coordination: An Emerging Role to Assist High Conflict Families
by Robin M. Deutsch, Christine A. Coates and Linda B. Fieldstone

Appendix 1:
Parenting Coordination Brochure (PDF)

Appendix 2:
FCS PC Intake Screening Form (PDF)

Appendix 3:
FCS Order of Referral (PDF)

Appendix 4:
PC Administrative Order (PDF)

Appendix 5:
PC Motion for Discharge (PDF)

Appendix 6:
Sample Introductory Letter (PDF)

Appendix 7:
Parenting Coordinator and Decision-Maker Agreement (PDF)

Appendix 8:
Screening for Domestic Violence (PDF)

Appendix 9:
Parenting Plan Checklist (PDF)

Appendix 10:
Decision of Parenting Coordinator (PDF)