Edited by Kelly Browe Olson and Nancy Ver Steegh

This edited volume chronicles the changing landscape of family law practice.  Six chapters (171 pp.) examine the development of new legal processes, implementation of new professional roles, promotion of family self-determination and innovative responses to scarcity of resources.


Chapter 1

The Ineffective Family Lawyer
by Andrea Kupfer Schneider and Nancy Mills

There are no appendices for this chapter.

Chapter 2

Collaborative Practice
by Susan A. Hansen and Gregory M. Hildebrand

Appendix A:
Principles and Guidelines for the Practice of Collaborative Law (PDF)

Appendix B:
Stipulation and Order for Collaborative Law (PDF)

Appendix C:
Domestic Violence Screening in Collaborative Law (PDF)

Appendix D:
Collaborative Representation Agreement (PDF)

Appendix E:
Divorce Coach/Child Specialist Retainer (PDF)

Appendix F:
Financial Specialist Retainer (PDF)

Appendix G:
Meeting Minutes (PDF)

Appendix H:
Parenting Issue Resolution Language (PDF)

Chapter 3

Cooperative Negotiation Agreements: Using Contracts to Make a Safe Place for a Difficult Conversation
by David A. Hoffman

Appendix 1:
Mid-Missouri Collaborative and Cooperative Law Association—Participation Agreement in Cooperative Law Process (PDF)

Appendix 2:
Boston Law Collaborative, LLC—Cooperative Negotiation Agreement (PDF)

Appendix 3:
Divorce Cooperation Institute—Principles of the Process (PDF)

Chapter 4

Family Law Self-Help Centers
by Pamela Cardullo Ortiz

There are no appendices for this chapter.

Chapter 5

Unbundling Legal Services to Help Divorcing Families
by Forrest S. Mosten

Appendix 1:
Limited Scope Agreement (PDF)

Appendix 2:
State by State Unbundling Rules Presented by the National Center for State Courts (PDF)

Appendix 3:
California Unbundling Rules and Approved Court Forms for Limited Scope Representation (A)
 (B) (C) (D) (E) (F)

Appendix 4:
Legal Check-up Questions (PDF)

Chapter 6

The Evolution of the Family Court Duty Counsel Program in Ontario
by Carmelo Runco

There are no appendices for this chapter.