Edited by Cori K. Erickson

This edited volume describes six distinct court programs that address the challenges of the judicial system to provide quality services that reduce the level of conflict for parents involved in court proceeding and provides the practical framework required to develop and implement each program. 

Chapter 1

The FIRST 5 Santa Clara County Family Court Service Initiative 
by Steve Baron, Sandra Clark, and Lilly Grenz 

Appendix A:
Course Information and Outlines (PDF)

Appendix B:
Survey Conducted by First Five and FCS (PDF)

Appendix C:
System of Care Flow Chart (PDF)

Appendix D:
Announcement and Letter to the Family Law Community and Service Providers (PDF)

Appendix E:
Letter of Invitation to a Focus Group (PDF)

Appendix F:
New Skills and Choices Intake Form (PDF)

Appendix G:
Client Information Sheet and Parent Survey (PDF)

Appendix H:
End of Program Parent Survey (PDF)

Appendix I:
Resources (PDF)

Chapter 2

Screening for Domestic Violence in Family Mediation Cases 
by David Royko, Sharon Zingery, Corinne (Cookie) Levitz

Appendix 1:
Mediation Intake Order (PDF)

Appendix 2:
Mediation Referral Order (front page only) (PDF)

Appendix 3:
Confidential Interview Questionnaire (PDF)

Appendix 4:
Domestic Violence Protocol Follow-up Questions (PDF)

Appendix 5:
Mediation Screening Protocol Flow Chart (PDF)

Appendix 6:
One Mediator's View: Victim Spectrum (PDF)

Appendix 7:
One Mediator's View: Batterer Spectrum (PDF)

Appendix 8:
Mediation Status Report (PDF)

Appendix 9:
Readiness to Mediate Spectrum (PDF)

Chapter 3

The Family Assessment and Intervention Resources (F.A.I.R.) Program: A Collaborative, Court-based Intervention for High Conflict Parents
by Melissa Gerstle, Alisha M. Wray, Kathyrn T. Wiggins, Peggy C. Maclean, Kathleen Clapp, and Timothy D. Reed

Appendix A:
Program Referral Order (PDF)

Appendix B:
Notice of F.A.I.R. Program Referral Results (PDF)

Appendix C:
F.A.I.R. Program Notice of Non-Compliance (PDF)

Appendix D:
F.A.I.R. Program Questionnaire (PDF)

Appendix E:
Structured Clinical Interview (PDF)

Appendix F:
Completion Times for Intake Assessment Measures (PDF)

Appendix G:
Appointment Letter (PDF)

Chapter 4

UMASS Family Court Clinic Brief, Focused Assessment Model 
by Linda M. Cavallero 

Appendix A:
Client Information Forms and Confirmation Letter (PDF)

Appendix B:
Referral Form (PDF)

Appendix C:
General Information and Informed Consent Agreement (PDF)

Appendix D:
Outline of Clinical Model of Assessment (PDF)

Appendix E:
Sample Report Outline (PDF)

Chapter 5

Child-related Proceedings in the Family Court of Western Australia 
by Paul T. Murphy and Lisbeth T. Pike

Appendix A:
Application for Final Orders (PDF)

Chapter 6

Triaging Family Court Services: The Connecticut Judicial Branch's Family Civil Intake Screen 
by Peter Salem, Debra Kulak and Robin M. Deutsch

Appendix A:
Family Civil Intake Screen (PDF)

Appendix B:
Case Flow Graph (PDF)