Edited by Bonnie Rose Hough and Pamela Cardullo Ortiz

This volume presents a variety of creative and effective approaches in serving self-represented litigants. Chapters describe innovative methods of providing self-help services in large rural and urban communities, judicial education, case management, technology projects that prepare pleadings and other court documents, and a creative mediation program operated with pro bono attorneys and law students.

Chapter 1

Alaska’s Family Law Self-Help Center: A Technology-Enhanced Delivery System for Assisting the Self-Represented 
By Stacey Marz 
There are no appendices for this chapter. 

Chapter 2

Self-Help Centers: The Approach of the Los Angeles Superior Court 
By Kathleen Dixon and Margaret Little 
There are no appendices for this chapter.

Chapter 3

The Pro Bono Mediation Project: Providing Free Representation to Self-Represented Litigants in Child Access Cases 
By Robert Rubinson
Appendix: Circuit Court for Baltimore City Parenting Plan

Chapter 4

Online Document Assembly Initiatives to Aid the Self-Represented 
By Claudia Johnson 
There are no appendices for this chapter.

Chapter 5

Educating the Judiciary on Self-Represented Litigant Issues 
By Hon. Fern A. Fisher
Appendix: Self-represented Litigation Network Introduction to Judicial Education Curricula: Guide to Materials  

Chapter 6

Keeping It Real with Self-Represented Litigants: Ontario’s Approach to Case Management in Family Court 
By Mr. Justice Harvey Brownstone 
There are no appendices for this chapter.