Access to Justice

Representing Yourself in Court: A Brief Guide from a Judge's Perspective (PDF)

Hon. Dianna Gould-Saltman (2017)

A Brief Guide to Family Mediation for Parents who are Self-Represented (PDF)

C. Eileen Pruett (2017)

Unbundling Legal Services: A Guide for Parents Seeking Affordable Legal Assistance in Family Separation Cases (PDF)

Web Resources

Point C

A resource to help parents and children in contentious divorce cases.

Freedom 22 Foundation
An interactive website for separating and divorcing parents

Ministry of the Attorney General of British Columbia
An educational website that includes a Kids Guide to Separation and Divorce, A Guide for Grown-ups, A Teen Guide to Parental Separation and Divorce

Co-Parenting Communication Guide (PDF)

Arizona Chapter of AFCC
Tools, tips and good practices for co-parents
Parenting Plan Information

Parenting Plan Guide

AFCC Ontario Chapter (2020)

Parenting Plan Template

AFCC Ontario Chapter (2020)

Child-Focused Parenting Time Guide

Minnesota State Court Administrator’s
Advisory Committee on Child-Focused Parenting Time (2019)

Planning for Parenting Time

Arizona's Guide for Parents Living Apart
Arizona Supreme Court (2009)

Planning for Shared Parenting (PDF)

AFCC Massachusetts Chapter
Pamphlets for Parents

FAQs Parents Ask about Separation, Divorce and Child Custody

FAQs Separating and Divorcing Parents Ask about Legal Matters

A Guide for Joint Custody and Shared Parenting

A Guide for Stepparents

Understanding Your Child’s Needs: Information for Never-Married Parents

Is Mediation for Us?

Making your Parenting Plan Work

My Mom and Dad Are Getting a Divorce!

Parents Are Forever

Preparing for your Custody Evaluation

Understanding the Parenting Coordination Process

When Parents Relocate: Moving Away and Long-Distance Parenting

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