AFCC Scholarship Fund

The AFCC Scholarship Program was created in 2000, and through generous gifts from AFCC members and chapters, has helped more than 300 professionals, who otherwise would have lacked adequate funds to attend AFCC conferences. The Scholarship Fund is overseen by the Resource Development Committee, which is charged with supporting the growth and development of AFCC and increasing its capacity to help professionals who work with families in conflict. One hundred percent of your gift goes directly to providing scholarships to AFCC conferences. For US taxpayers, your contribution to AFCC is fully tax deductible as no goods or services are provided in exchange for this contribution and AFCC is a 501(c)(3) organization.

The Resource Development Committee awards scholarships to the Annual Conference, Symposium on Child Custody Evaluations, and Regional Training Conference. In addition, a limited number of stipends are awarded to help scholarship recipients offset the cost of travel and accommodations. Helping more professionals attend AFCC conferences extends the reach of AFCC’s mission, vision and values. The benefit of this reach does not end with the individual scholarship recipient. The parents, children, colleagues and courts in the recipient’s community all benefit from just one person’s exposure to the culture of respectful discussion, emphasis on research, education and innovation associated with AFCC conferences.

Scholarship recipients are as interdisciplinary as members of AFCC. Recipients include parenting coordinators, child custody evaluators, court services personnel, judges, social workers, therapists, lawyers, mediators, psychologists, graduate students and others working with children and families in conflict