AFCC Parenting Coordination Task Force

In 2003, AFCC President George Czutrin appointed a Task Force to develop Model Standards of Practice for Parenting Coordination following AFCC’s Task Force on Parenting Coordination that conducted research and published the 2003 Report on Parenting Coordination Implementation Issues.  The Task Force determined that the Parenting Coordination process was too new to use the term “Model Standards” and developed Guidelines for Parenting Coordination.  The Guidelines were approved by the AFCC Board of Directors in May 2005 and were published in Family Court Review in January 2006.

Task Force Members

  • Christie Coates, JD, MEd, Chair
  • Linda Fieldstone, MEd, Secretary
  • Barbara Ann Bartlett, JD
  • Robin M. Deutsch, PhD
  • Billie Lee Dunford-Jackson, JD
  • Philip Epstein, QC
  • Barbara Jo Fidler, PhD
  • Jonathan W. Gould, PhD
  • Hon. William Jones (Ret.)
  • Joan B. Kelly, PhD
  • Matthew J. Sullivan, PhD
  • Robert N. Wistner, JD

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