Family Civil Intake Assessment Screen Project

A project with the Connecticut Judicial Branch Court Support Services Division

In the summer of 2002 AFCC was awarded a contract with the Connecticut Court Support Services Division (CSSD) Family Services Unit to develop an empirically based screening instrument for the Family Services Unit. The project team conducted site visits; direct observation; review and assessments of services; focus groups with stakeholders; and a literature review on screening protocols. CSSD revised its menu of services on the recommendation of the project team. The screening protocol was developed, training conducted, and the screen was first piloted, and then rolled out statewide. AFCC was then awarded a second contract to evaluate the instrument over a three-year period.  The project was submitted by the Connecticut Judicial Branch and was a semi-finalist in the Kennedy School of Government Innovations in American Government Awards.


Children, Courts and Conflict:
Current Research Applications for Practice (MP3) AFCC Member Content

Powerpoint Slides (PDF)
AFCC Regional Training Conference, Reno, Nevada, November 2009
Marsha Kline Pruett, PhD., MSL

Family Civil Intake Screen Services Evaluation: Final Outcomes Report (PDF)
Marsha Kline Pruett, PhD, MSL and Megan Durrell, May 2009

Triaging Family Court Services: The Connecticut Judicial Branch’s Family Civil Intake Screen (PDF)
Peter Salem, Debra Kulak and Robin M. Deutsch, Pace Law Review, Summer 2007

Project Team


  • Peter Salem, MA, Project Director
  • Robin Deutsch, PhD
  • Janet Johnston, PhD
  • Andrew Schepard, JD
  • Marsha Kline Pruett, PhD, MSL, Project Evaluator

Connecticut Judicial Branch

  • Stephen Grant, MA
  • Debra Kulak, MS
  • Kathy Cerrutti
  • Joseph DiTunno

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