Educator's Guide Workgroup

In 2004, an AFCC workgroup was appointed to develop guidelines for educators on how to work with separating and divorcing parents. The workgroup examines a wide range of issues, from how to structure parent-teacher conferences to how to deal with requests for information from child custody evaluations. The workgroup published An Educator’s Guide: Interacting with Separating, Divorcing, Never-Married Parents and Their Children in 2009. 

Workgroup Members

  • Barbara F. Steinberg, PhD, Chair
  • Richard Altman, JD
  • Debra Datz
  • Jake Jacobson
  • Naomi Kaufmann, JD
  • Hon. Emile Kruzick
  • Nancy Olesen, PhD
  • Shelley Probber, PsyD
  • Gary Rick
  • Melissa Lombreglia 
  • Rebecca Stahl, JD 

Table of Contents