AFCC Parenting Coordination Task Force (2017-2019)

The Guidelines for Parenting Coordination (“Guidelines”) are the product of the interdisciplinary AFCC Task Force on Parenting Coordination (“Task Force”). These Guidelines build on two previous AFCC task forces, which produced the report, “Parenting Coordination: Implementation Issues”1 and the first set of AFCC Guidelines for Parenting Coordination.

Task Force Members

Debra K. Carter, PhD, Chair
Linda Fieldstone, MEd, Reporter
Ann M. Ordway, JD, PhD, Reporter
Hon. Dolores Bomrad, JD
Dominic D’Abate, PhD
Barbara Fidler, PhD
Alexander Jones, JD, MSW
Mindy Mitnick, EdM, MA
John A. Moran, PhD
Daniel T. Nau, JD
Matthew Sullivan, PhD
Robin Belcher-Timme, PsyD, ABPP

Table of Contents