The Washington chapter of AFCC is an interdisciplinary association of dedicated professionals who strive to serve the needs of children and their families within the various segments of the legal system. Members and leadership in our chapter arise from the combined contributions of judges and court administrators, attorneys, mental health professionals, mediators and and educators in our field. We seek to exchange ideas and review various methods and models currently in practice to promote the enhancement of our service delivery for the benefit of families throughout the state, including those in the metro Seattle and Puget Sound regions, Western Washington and Eastern Washington jurisdictions. We provide leadership and an interdisciplinary forum for communication, education and innovation among professionals and interested persons who are concerned about the legal process for resolving family disputes. Our Chapter is dedicated to employing and promoting best practices and collaboration among professionals involved in family court matters.

President: Kathleen Royer, JD
Chapter Council Representative: Dana Dean Doering, ARNP, MSN, BS