The AFCC Oregon Chapter received its provisional status November 7, 2013 and chartered status November 2015. It is an interdisciplinary organization dedicated to expanding the benefits of AFCC by addressing the unique needs of members at the state and local level. The Chapter’s expanding membership includes judges, attorneys, mediators, mental health professionals, agency leaders, court administrators, program developers, educators, researchers, and advocates. By offering trainings and conferences, interdisciplinary consultation and networking, mentorship opportunities, and the development of state-specific practice standards, the Chapter offers its members opportunities to keep apprised of current research, new developments in the field, legislative progress, and trends in the Oregon courts. Membership involvement at all levels is encouraged, whether it is by taking on a leadership role, volunteering time or expertise, providing financial support or by ad hoc participation and input. As professionals in the field of resolving family conflict, AFCC Oregon Chapter members are committed to following guidelines for best practices, engaging in interdisciplinary collaboration, providing high-quality service, and upholding the highest of ethical standards in our respective fields.

Chapter Council Representative: Caitlyn Jackson