Peter Salem, MA Executive Director

Peter Salem has served as Executive Director since 2002 and was Associate Director from 1994-2002. He taught mediation at Marquette University Law School for ten years and served as mediator and director of Mediation and Family Court Services in Rock County, Wisconsin. Peter is a former president of the Wisconsin Association for Mediators and is co-editor of Divorce Mediation: Models, Techniques and Applications. He has provided training and technical assistance to family court service agencies throughout the United States since 1990. He is author of numerous articles and videos on mediation, domestic violence and divorce. He received the John M. Haynes Distinguished Mediator Award presented by the Association for Conflict Resolution in 2008 and received a William T. Grant Foundation Distinguished Fellows award in 2009. He holds an MA in Communication and Media Management from Emerson College in Boston and a BA in Political Science from McGill University in Montreal.