Center for Excellence in Family Court Practice

Access to Family Court Services Task Force

The AFCC Access to Family Court Services Task Force was appointed by AFCC President Dick Altman in 2014 to examine access to justice challenges in the family courts. The Task Force focused on three projects: (1) development and dissemination of a survey of interdisciplinary family court professionals; (2) an online resource guide that features summaries of programs, practices, and processes for families involved in family court processes; and (3) a series of guides for self-represented and family court professionals who work with them.


Access to Justice in Family Law Matters: Results of a Survey of Family Court Professionals (PDF)
Michael Saini, February, 2017

A Survey of Beliefs and Priorities about Access to Justice of Family Law:
The Search for a Multidisciplinary Perspective (PDF)

Peter Salem and Michael Saini

AFCC Family Court Services Resource Guide
Online resource guide featuring information on services, programs, practices, and processes that provide assistance to families who are involved in a family court-related process, such as divorce, separation, and paternity issues.

A Practical Guide for Attorneys Opposing Self-Represented Litigants in Family Court (PDF)
Annette T. Burns (2017) 

Working With Pro-Se Litigants: A Guide for Family Court Bench Officers (PDF)
Hon. Mark Juhas (2017)

A Guide for Family Mediators: Working with Self- Represented Litigants (PDF)
Andrea Clark and Kelly Browe Olson (2017)

Representing Yourself in Court: A Brief Guide from a Judge's Perspective (PDF)
Hon. Dianna Gould-Saltman (2017)

A Brief Guide to Family Mediation for Parents who are Self-Represented (PDF)
C. Eileen Pruett (2017)

* Special thanks to Judge Nancy Katz (ret.), Cookie Levitz, Joan Colen, Tom Weber, John Greacen, and Natalie Knowlton for their contributions to this project.

Task Force Members

Hon. Dianna Gould-Saltman, Co-chair
Jacqueline Hagerott, JD, LLM, Co-chair
Andrea Clark, MSW, Workgroup Leader
Linda Fieldstone, MEd, Workgroup Leader
Stacey Platt, JD, Workgroup Leader
Michael Saini, PhD, Workgroup Leader
Annette Burns, JD
patti cross, JD
Cori Erickson, MS
Corinne Levitz, JD
Marilou T. Giovannucci, MS
Gail Hoover
Kelly Browe Olson, JD, LLM
Hon. Mark Juhas
Forrest S. Mosten, JD
C. Eileen Pruett, JD
Larry Swall, JD