Center for Excellence in Family Court Practice

Educator's Guide Workgroup

In 2004, an AFCC workgroup was appointed to develop guidelines for educators on how to work with separating and divorcing parents. The workgroup examines a wide range of issues, from how to structure parent-teacher conferences to how to deal with requests for information from child custody evaluations. The workgroup published An Educator’s Guide: Interacting with Separating, Divorcing, Never-Married Parents and Their Children in 2009. 

Workgroup Members

  • Barbara F. Steinberg, PhD, Chair
  • Richard Altman, JD
  • Debra Datz
  • Jake Jacobson
  • Naomi Kaufmann, JD
  • Hon. Emile Kruzick
  • Nancy Olesen, PhD
  • Shelley Probber, PsyD
  • Gary Rick
  • Melissa Lombreglia 
  • Rebecca Stahl, JD