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DE&I Webinar: Culture Specific Family Conflict: Case Applications

July 7, 2021
Gitu Bhatia, PsyD, Linda Bortell, PsyD, Frank Davis, PhD

DE&I Webinar: Culture Specific Family Conflict: Case Applications 
This webinar will provide ways of understanding and addressing issues of race, ethnicity, and culture through a discussion between mental health professionals in both forensic and clinical roles. They will help identify salient issues underlying cultural conflicts including, but not limited to, family expectations and norms. They will discuss the challenges faced by mental health professionals in application of psychological terms when working with diverse populations and the paradigm shift from cultural competence to cultural humility. 


Gitu Bhatia, PsyD, Los Angeles, CA
Linda Bortell, PsyD, South Pasadena, CA
Frank Davis, PhD, Berkeley, CA

Certificate of attendance will not be issued for recorded webinars