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AFCC Flash Webinar Series on Parenting Coordination

Featuring authors from the Family Court Review July 2020 Special Issue on Parenting Coordination

August 25-September 3, 2020
5:00pm-6:30pm Eastern Time US

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August 25, 2020 5:00-6:30pm Eastern Time (US)

Parenting Coordination in Cases Involving Intimate Partner Violence

All cases under consideration for work with a parenting coordinator (PC) should be screened for intimate partner violence. Through screening and assessment, we differentiate the kinds of cases with the presence of intimate partner violence (IPV) where a PC may be effective as opposed to other IPV cases that may not predict success for retaining a PC. This webinar addresses issues that arise when the case has allegations or findings of IPV. Considerations of the type of IPV, the severity, timing, perpetrator, and effects on coparenting are discussed in the context of the parenting coordinator’s role.

Leslie M. Drozd, PhD, Robin Deutsch, PhD, ABPP and David Donner, JD

August 27, 2020 5:00-6:30pm Eastern Time (US)

Effective Use of Parenting Coordination: Considerations for Legal and Mental Health Professionals

This webinar will focus on what family court professionals should understand about effective parenting coordination and how it can be supported. Support begins with understanding the parenting coordinator (PC) role as the most intensive intervention available at this time for high conflict coparents. The presenters will provide explanations and descriptions of those cases that are appropriate for referral for parenting coordination, those that are not, and the circumstances that support the most effective use of a PC. The presenters will describe and explain intractable conflict and how it can be managed by a PC; the importance of court orders; confidentiality; the scope of PC authority; effective PC reports to the court; grievances; fees; and PC collaboration with attorneys, behavioral health professionals, and judges.

Matt Sullivan, PhD and Annette Burns, JD

September 1, 2020 5:00-6:30pm Eastern Time (US)

Enhancing Efficacious Parenting Coordination

Recent concerns have been raised that children's adjustment may not benefit if their parents complete a parenting coordination intervention where the goals were limited to establishing and implementing a disengaged, parallel model of coparenting. Often, avoiding or abandoning efforts to build and enhance cooperative coparenting may not serve children's best interests. Given recent data indicating that some parents express dissatisfaction with the process and outcomes of parenting coordination, there is value in considering whether the ostensibly intractable subset of parents referred for parenting coordination could benefit from something more or different. The presenters will discuss two innovations: One seeking to strengthen individual parent readiness and responsiveness, and the second bringing parents together in a child-centered team-building approach.

James McHale, PhD and Debra Carter, PhD

September 3, 2020 5:00-6:30pm Eastern Time (US)

Voices or Ghosts? The Place of Children in Parenting Coordination

Is it possible to bring the voice of children to parenting coordination without their involvement? If children are involved, what are the considerations for safe and appropriate inclusion? The presenters will explore how parenting coordinators (PCs) can assist parents to best meet their children’s needs by viewing the family as a system with more than two voices. They will discuss special consideration as to how and when to include children when applying the new AFCC guidelines and provide guidance towards best practice concepts.

Lorri Yasenik, PhD, Jonathan Graham, LLB BA and Linda Fieldstone, MEd

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