AFCC Webinars

A Meta-Analysis of Child Adjustment in Different Custodial Arrangements

July 17, 2019
1:00-2:00pm Eastern Time US
Registration Opens June 19, 2019


Bud Dale, PhD, JD is an attorney and psychologist in an independent practice in Topeka, Kansas.  He earned his Doctor of Philosophy degree in developmental and clinical-child psychology from The Ohio State University and his Juris Doctor from Washburn University.  His legal and Psychology practices focus on helping families in conflict.  His presentation topics include attachment and parenting plans, attorney expert relationships, constitutional issues in child protections cases, and paradigm shifts in child custody policy.  He has organized statewide training conference on alternative dispute resolution and case management for high conflict families.  He currently serves as a reviewing editor for the American Bar Association’s Family Law Quarterly, on the editorial board for the Journal of Child Custody and was a member of the AFCC Think Tank on Shared Parenting.