Conference Committee

The Conference Committee oversees the AFCC annual and fall conferences.  The Conference Committee is responsible for:

  • Formulation of the theme and program
  • Reviewing and recommending conference sites
  • Selection of venues for conference sites
  • Solicitation of conference presenters
  • Publication of the call for presenters
  • Review of the workshop proposals for workshops
  • Selection of the conference presenters
  • Review of conference program
  • Conference publicity
  • Such other duties as the board from time to time directs

Committee Members

Hon. Denise McColley, Co-chair
Leslie Drozd, PhD, Co-chair
Tom Altobelli, LLB, LLM, SJD
Larry Braunstein, JD
Kelly Browe Olson, JD, LLM
Milfred "Bud" Dale, PhD, JD
Hon. Linda Fidnick
Kathleen McNamara, PhD
Dan Pickar, PhD, ABPP
Michael Saini, PhD
Phil Stahl, ABPP, PhD