Center for Excellence in Family Court Practice

Developing Nations Library Project

AFCC partnered with the Asia Foundation’s Books for Asia Program in 2006-07 to help establish collections of family law, dispute resolution, mental health and social science publications in developing nations. Five libraries were selected in the Philippines, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Mongolia. AFCC asked members who have written or edited a book to help by contributing to the project. AFCC donated a full set of its publications to each library and thirty-five members participated. Nearly 300 books were donated. The Asia Foundation collected the books and delivered them to the libraries.

The following AFCC members contributed to the project: Constance Ahrons, Jane Appell, Nicholas Bala, Allan E. Barsky, G. Andrew Benjamin, Susan M. Boyan, Christine A. Coates, Robin M. Deutsch, Leslie Drozd, Robert E. Emery, James Flens, Jay Folberg, Larry Fong, Richard J. Gelles, Jonathan W. Gould, Gregg Herman, Carolyn Harris Johnson, Barbara Landau, Daryl Landau, Sy Landau, Caryn S. Lennon, Ann Milne, Forrest Mosten, Diane Neumann, Allison Quattrocchi, Isolina Ricci, Peter Salem, Andrew Schepard, Robert Smith,Philip M. Stahl, Ann Marie Termini, Elizabeth Thayer, Shirley A. Thomas, Jeffery Wittmann, Jeffrey Zimmerman.